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Reflections on Permaculture and Faith

I am constantly amazed at the parallels I find between my faith as a Christian and Permaculture. In Permaculture and the environmental movement there is the idea that there is a tipping point in time when enough people in the world recognise … Continue reading

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Wood piles and rhubarb

I’ve just spent a wonderful few hours in the garden today and yesterday, the sun has shone, it’s been lovely and warm and we’ve started to feel our way into a new year in the garden.   A large amount … Continue reading

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Food Security and Fair Share

I’ve just been reading a presentation by Julia Wright on Ensuring Food Security Through Agroecological Approaches– Why isn’t it a “No‐Brainer”?. In it she points out that: Global food production is currently at 4,600 kcal of edible food per person … Continue reading

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Permaculture and spirituality / faith

There has been a lot of talk recently in some permaculture circles about the place for spirituality or faith in permaculture. For those who are interested, I have just started a series of posts on our church website about permaculture … Continue reading

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Mini Hugelkultur beds (2)

My first Mini Hugelkultur bed has been surprisingly successful, especially considering that it was a small bed made with hedge trimmings and other garden rubbish. Below are some of the squashes we have picked and last night we tasted our … Continue reading

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Reconnecting to the subsoil

I gave a bit of background about the soil in our garden in a previous blog. The topsoil in our raised beds is separated from the clay subsoil by the cinder of the old tennis courts which means that the … Continue reading

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Saw fly war

This year I was prepared. The first sign of sawfly on my gooseberry plants and I was out two or three times a day hunting down the larvae and squashing them. I’d already pruned and trained the gooseberry bushes into … Continue reading

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