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Destruction and hope

“… since 1970, the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish worldwide has fallen by half.” WWF Living Planet Report 2014 – quoted in Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth I have just read this fact this morning and it hit … Continue reading

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Rip out that hedge

I’m sat this morning reading Peter Cooper about silent fields and also Charles Eisenstein’s “The More Beautiful World”. Catherine, just back from walking the dog, is inspecting the front garden, no doubt planning some changes. And I look at the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Permaculture and Faith

I am constantly amazed at the parallels I find between my faith as a Christian and Permaculture. In Permaculture and the environmental movement there is the idea that there is a tipping point in time when enough people in the world recognise … Continue reading

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Wood piles and rhubarb

I’ve just spent a wonderful few hours in the garden today and yesterday, the sun has shone, it’s been lovely and warm and we’ve started to feel our way into a new year in the garden.   A large amount … Continue reading

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Food Security and Fair Share

I’ve just been reading a presentation by Julia Wright on Ensuring Food Security Through Agroecological Approaches– Why isn’t it a “No‐Brainer”?. In it she points out that: Global food production is currently at 4,600 kcal of edible food per person … Continue reading

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Permaculture and spirituality / faith

There has been a lot of talk recently in some permaculture circles about the place for spirituality or faith in permaculture. For those who are interested, I have just started a series of posts on our church website about permaculture … Continue reading

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Mini Hugelkultur beds (2)

My first Mini Hugelkultur bed has been surprisingly successful, especially considering that it was a small bed made with hedge trimmings and other garden rubbish. Below are some of the squashes we have picked and last night we tasted our … Continue reading

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