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Margaret Thatcher dead – Slow News?

How did you hear that Margaret Thatcher was dead? Twitter Facebook Text TV or Radio news Someone told you When did you hear that Margaret Thatcher was dead? Immediately it was announced Within five minutes Within the hour Much later in … Continue reading

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Value human labour

“It is the exchange of human services – rather than the relentless sale of stuff – that generates more fulfilment and well being”. Tim Jackson in issue 275 of Resurgence and Ecologist

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Think of the poorest

Dom Helder Camara, the Brazilian Archbishop and poet, apparently used to say at meetings: Think of the poorest, most persecuted person you know, and think about how each decision we make will affect their lives. I’ve just been catching up … Continue reading

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Permaculture Design Course – weekend #4

More inspiration, that’s what we need! And that’s what we got, after three inspiring weekends of our PDC we got yet more inspiration! We’ve just had the fourth weekend of our course and it was an exciting two days of … Continue reading

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Permaculture course – first weekend

There is such a huge difference between “knowing about” something and “knowing” something. Over the last 30+ years I have read so much about the environment, education, economics (not too much of this!), wildlife, nature, gardening and a bit of … Continue reading

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Move your Money

We have had all this hooha in recent days about the RBS and Hester’s big reward of £963000 which he has now decided to give up (he is still going to get about £8million in shares by the end of … Continue reading

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Green Sundays

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Sundays were a day of rest, a day of spiritual renewal, of refreshment, a time for family or friends to relax together. Today, Sundays are hard to differentiate from the rest of … Continue reading

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