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Mysterious residents of Meanwood Park

Walking Charlie in Meanwood Park we came across a series of doors to some of the residents. Here are a few pictures:  

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What’s app? iWorry about that

The poet Matt Harvey has written a brilliant short article in the recent copy of Resurgence. He finishes it by saying: So my message to you is: don’t worry – or if you must, worry efficiently with the new iWorry … Continue reading

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Buster’s Rainbow

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Old Monsieur Deschamps had a farm …..

Monsieur Deschamps had a farm E-I-e-I-o And on that farm he had a cow ….

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Good financial planning

I’ve never been particularly good with finances and economics but this morning I realised that the best financial planning you can have is to run out of money just after you die. Sorry kids!

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What a lovely card from my daughter!

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