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The World that we want

I’ve just returned from my daughter’s house where I had the joy and pleasure of nursing my granddaughter for a couple of hours. She is only three weeks old so hasn’t yet had a chance to get to grips with … Continue reading

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Locally sourced?

We are staying in a holiday cottage by the sea and it seems like every item of furniture and kitchenware has come from Ikea! We were sat watching a news item on TV about locally sourced food and eating seasonal … Continue reading

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Hard graft

Today I went on my first ever grafting course, something I have been wanting to do for years. And it wasn’t hard at all! Niels Corfield of Edible Cities ran the course at Bardon Grange in Leeds. The sun shone … Continue reading

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Old Monsieur Deschamps had a farm …..

Monsieur Deschamps had a farm E-I-e-I-o And on that farm he had a cow ….

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Food Security and Fair Share

I’ve just been reading a presentation by Julia Wright on Ensuring Food Security Through Agroecological Approaches– Why isn’t it a “No‐Brainer”?. In it she points out that: Global food production is currently at 4,600 kcal of edible food per person … Continue reading

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Mini Hugelkultur beds (2)

My first Mini Hugelkultur bed has been surprisingly successful, especially considering that it was a small bed made with hedge trimmings and other garden rubbish. Below are some of the squashes we have picked and last night we tasted our … Continue reading

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Saw fly war

This year I was prepared. The first sign of sawfly on my gooseberry plants and I was out two or three times a day hunting down the larvae and squashing them. I’d already pruned and trained the gooseberry bushes into … Continue reading

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