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Thwaites Glacier

I didn’t sleep to well last night. On the news last night it was reported that the Thwaites Glacier in the Antarctic is melting faster than previously thought and that the “International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration” plans to deploy six teams to the remote ice … Continue reading

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Generosity Ninjas

Generosity Ninjas. What a great idea this is, and the fact that it helps both the recipient and the giver! Advent is already several days in but I am going to try and be a Generous Ninja for the rest … Continue reading

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All children are gifted

I’m just reading an article about community that draws from the tradition of the Dagara people now situated in Burkina Faso, central West Africa and Ghana. In this article Malidoma Somé says: The Dagara people have an elaborate cosmology to … Continue reading

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Value human labour

“It is the exchange of human services – rather than the relentless sale of stuff – that generates more fulfilment and well being”. Tim Jackson in issue 275 of Resurgence and Ecologist

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A while back I recorded how we visited the amazing The Handmade Bakery, a not for profit community supported artisan bakery and cafe in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire. Today I received the news that there is a small group of bakers … Continue reading

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