About Me

I have been concerned about the environment since a teenager back in the 1970s. This blog is my musings on my continuing journey.

After being made redundant in 2010 I took the opportunity to rethink my working life. In my previous job I had already moved to working a 9 day fortnight which gave us one day a fortnight to “do something different”. With redundancy I decided to aim for a “half farmer, half-X” lifestyle, the idea of this you can read about in my blog posts.

Why Peregrine99?
I have been a keen bird watcher since my youth. All our family PC workstations and laptops have been named after birds of prey and my company is called Red Kite. When I started my blog I was working on Peregrine, unfortunately someone had already used Peregrine as a blog so I added the 99!

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