Why is climate change ignored by those in power?

We are part of a “domination system”. To me that means that one group of people want to keep power over others in order to give them wealth of some sort. We find it today in he way that the economic system keeps so many people in debt so that they have to work in order to try and pay off those debts or work in order to maintain a level of “comfort” that they want.

Most politics that happens in our UK parliament (and probably many others) seems to be about maintaining that domination system, keeping the rich few at the top of the pile and the rest either aspiring to something a bit better or just surviving. Brexit, trade deals, maintaining a growth economy, all these things are about power and wealth – mainly for those in charge.

So where is the profit and power to be found in climate change? There isn’t! And not for want of trying. Commoditising the environment is one attempt to bring money and power into environmental issues but it is mostly ignored and I don’t think it is a way forward as it is still about domination – he (or she) who has the most natural resources will be the richer and more powerful.

So, in my opinion, the system is broken. The domination system is not good for the majority of the human race and certainly not for the planet (and if Elon Musk has his way, Mars as well).

So as Greta Thunberg and our young people are saying, we need “system change, not climate change”.

What that change involves is an ongoing conversation but for me involves following the “Way of Jesus”.

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2 Responses to Why is climate change ignored by those in power?

  1. RedKite says:

    This cartoon summarises things quite well

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