Don’t bomb Syria

I woke up this morning to hear the news that British aircraft had been involved, along with US and French forces, in bombing targets in Syria. In one of the interviews the interviewee said something about getting back to their regular bombing raids after today’s attacks.

So how often are British aircraft involved in bombing targets in Syria? A quick Google and I found the British Gov website had all the answers – well some of the answers since this is a list of “British forces air strikes to assist the Iraqi government in its fight against Daesh”, a “British forces air strikes in Iraq and Syria: monthly list”. To find out how many were on Syria I would have to wade through the reports and know my geography well.

This war has been going on for years now and has left towns, cities and the countryside devastated, killed or uprooted huge numbers of people and seems to have achieved nothing other than giving some countries the opportunity to try out their weapon systems and the manufacturers a fat profit. When are the politicians going to agree on a way to stop all this waste and destruction? Do we need to take them and make them sit around a table in Aleppo until they come to a solution?

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