Critical Mass 2

Last October I posted a blog about the Leeds Critical Mass cycle rides around the City centre on the last Friday of each month. Well, sadly, I missed a few over the winter months. I did make this month though but it raised a new question:

“What constitutes a critical mass?”

I ask that question because only four of us turned out yesterday – myself and three amazing post-grads studying for their PhDs in various areas of biodigestion. Anyway, we decided to do the circuit as two of them hadn’t been on a Critical Mass cycle before. Our circuit allowed us to have some very interesting discussions and also generated the question above.

I’ve been thinking about it since and realised that only one person is really needed to constitute a critical mass. It’s not really the number but the effect it has – one act of kindness, one voice speaking out or even one vote in an election can make all the difference. So, although it would have been nice to have been a group of 40 or more, 4 of us made a difference, 4 of us kept the wheels of the Leeds Critical Mass Cycle rolling, 4 of us got to know each other better, four of us constituted this month’s critical mass.

So here’s to you guys, it was good to meet you!

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