A dog’s eye view

It’s October 14th, I was sat in the garden and I realised how long it is since I last put a post on this blog. It’s probably because I am involved in so many other blogs I keep forgetting to add something to this one. It has been such a busy year so far and a big chunk of it seems to have been taken up with having a hernia operation and recovering from that (more on that another time) but the biggest change in our lives this year (besides our daughter leaving home!) has been the arrival of Buster. In fact it was he that suggested that I should be posting something on this blog.

We were sat in the garden on this lovely sunny morning, I was drinking a cup of tea and he was eyeing up my chocolate biscuit when I realised that I hadn’t taken many photos of him, so out came the phone and I took a photo of him and then he took one of me. What a handsome pair we make!

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