Margaret Thatcher dead – Slow News?

How did you hear that Margaret Thatcher was dead?

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Text
  4. TV or Radio news
  5. Someone told you

When did you hear that Margaret Thatcher was dead?

  1. Immediately it was announced
  2. Within five minutes
  3. Within the hour
  4. Much later in the day

How much difference has this news made to your life?

  1. Loads
  2. A bit
  3. Not much
  4. None
  5. It’s given me something to Tweet / FB / Blog about

We are still in the Easter school holidays here and so I am operating on a “Slow News” approach to life and it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Well actually, it does make a difference – I am talking about other, more important things that concern me rather than ones that the media thinks I should be talking about. Keith Hebden makes some very interesting points about the media in his new book, Seeking Justice, which I am just reading.  One of the points that has struck me is how much media coverage Margaret Thatcher is getting – obviously she has affected a lot of people in the past and the media thinks that it is great news.

But where is the news about people with no or little voice?

Where is the news about people who have little financial clout, who won’t respond to the adverts of the media’s sponsors?

Where is the news about asylum seekers, the Maasai who are threatened with being thrown off their land in Tanzania, the farmers who are committing suicide due to increasing debt, the atrocities facing the Rohingya Muslim communities in Burma/Myanmar, the destruction of community by government policies ….. ?


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