Locally sourced?

We are staying in a holiday cottage by the sea and it seems like every item of furniture and kitchenware has come from Ikea!

We were sat watching a news item on TV about locally sourced food and eating seasonal food. I’ve just been teaching a little bit about food miles and food waste so this was an article that caught my attention. Then they showed a container vessel indicating that it was carrying food to this country. From the cottage window I can see smaller container vessels plying their trade along the coast presumably about to make their delivery of more food or Ikea furniture to a port up the coast.

The beaches that we have been walking are strewn with bits of plastic and other rubbish that have been thrown away, have been washed overboard or somehow found their way into our seas. I estimated that just one short stretch of beach probably had a skip full of rubbish, most of it plastic, and our seas are full of the stuff which is gradually being broken done into tiny particles and turning our seas into a soup of plastic.

All this has brought home to me in a different way about the need to use locally sourced produce and products. If the cottage was equipped with crockery from the local pottery, with furniture from the local joiner (not sure about locally produced sofas!), if we chose to eat more locally sourced and seasonal food then maybe local economies would be stronger and there would be less waste floating around gradually poisoning our seas.

Am I being idealistic or does this sound reasonable?

I, for one, am going to look at sourcing locally produced goods, that is going to be one of my next steps in trying to change the world!

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