We’re doomed!

I had a very interesting conversation this week. I was asked what I did with my spare time (because I only do about 2.5 days of paid employment apparently all the rest of my time is “spare”!) and in my answer I mentioned that I had just completed a Permaculture Design Course and was starting a diploma. I then had to explain what permaculture is and why was I interested in it. The response I had amazed me, when I normally talk about climate change and similar issues I often get told that it’s rubbish and that the scientists have got it wrong. This time I was asked if I really believed that it was possible to change the world, this person thought it was impossible, that we are all doomed!


As I have mentioned before, there has to be hope. As a Christian I believe that we are created in the likeness, or image, of The Creator – we have the ability to be creative beings rather than destructive. If we all decided to make do with enough rather than living our over-consumer lifestyles, if we applied permaculture ethics (people care, earth care, fair share) and if we learnt to rejoice in the natural world and appreciate it more, I think we could find a way of living in a more sustainable and equitable way.

There is hope, we are not all doomed!

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