Think of the poorest

Dom Helder Camara, the Brazilian Archbishop and poet, apparently used to say at meetings:

Think of the poorest, most persecuted person you know, and think about how each decision we make will affect their lives.


I’ve just been catching up on some TV viewing, in particular Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve. I found him annoying to start off with but soon accepted his way of presenting things because he covered such a mix of issues. In his programmes we saw the beauty spots, the nature that made me think “wow!” but also the issues, many of which we strongly influence eg the over fishing, the change of land use (farming to prawn beds), the use of a coral island as a land fill site in the Maldives, the death of coral reefs due to warmer seas, and the breaking up of ships in Bangladesh. So many of our activities affect the lives of people right across the globe and the environment that we all live in. I think I need to develop a greater awareness of how each decision I make affects the environment right across the globe since we are all inextricably intertwined with our environment and what we do to the environment affects all of us and how we treat each other so often affects how we treat and value our environment. It is only by learning to value each other and the world around us that we will change how we treat them.

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