Army of Frogs

The collective term for frogs is an army or colony of frogs. At this time of year that doesn’t describe them very well for me. How about a squirm or a writhe or a heave of frogs?

We have two ponds in our garden and the larger one has about 40 frogs in it all squirming and heaving. Despite the cold weather of the last few weeks they have emerged in numbers with the sun and warmth; females can be found hopping around the garden carrying a male of their backs and the pond is a squirming, writhing mass of frogs legs and bodies. Yesterday (25th February) the first frog spawn appeared. In the last few years the first spawn has ended up frost damaged as we have had another cold spell with sheet ice on the pond. From what I’ve seen of the longer term weather forecast we may now get mild to good weather all the way through Lent. Will we have a plague of frogs this year? Maybe that’s when I’ll be thinking in terms of an army or colony of frogs.

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2 Responses to Army of Frogs

  1. A heave of frogs – I like that – I think

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