Permaculture Course

As part of my attempt to gather yet more TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) I start a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) tomorrow as part of my CPD (Continuing Professional Development, or as I like to think of it, Continuing Personal Development).

I have been aware of Permaculture for many years, have a few old copies of the Permaculture magazine floating around and have read big chunks of Bill Mollison’s classic textbook but I’ve not really thought about doing a course before. So, as part of my development as a person, and to help develop what I can offer via Red Kite, I am launching into the course.

I think that one of the reasons I want to do the course is that I am becoming increasingly aware of how precarious our current consumer life style is. Even before I was made redundant we were thinking about how much we consumed in a non-sustainable way. Since redundancy this has become an even more important issue. Also, the idea of improving our land so that it can produce more rather than less without the input of large quantities of energy and chemicals from fossil fuels appeals to me. A large chunk of our garden used to be an old cinder tennis court and so growing anything here involves a huge amount of land improvement. We have imported some soil and manure to make raised beds but we are also trying hard to use our own composting and green manures to generate and improve what soil we have. This is a big challenge so I look forward to learning more about composting, biochar and all manner of other techniques that might help us.

I hope that I will manage to report back here over the next few months about how the course goes. If I don’t, give me a nudge!

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