Move your Money

We have had all this hooha in recent days about the RBS and Hester’s big reward of £963000 which he has now decided to give up (he is still going to get about £8million in shares by the end of the year see

Unfortunately as the article points out, what is happening is that the main issue about the banks and the economic system is getting hidden behind the personalities and the “little stories” that are playing out in the press. The big issues are still there.

A new campaign is about to start to encourage us to move our money from the big banks to smaller, local or more ethical banks like the Coop or Credit Unions. You can find more details or sign up for info at

I for one will be looking at how we might move our money into a more ethical bank and Lent seems a good time for me to take the time and effort to make it happen – and for my current bank to give up my money.

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