Green Sundays

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Sundays were a day of rest, a day of spiritual renewal, of refreshment, a time for family or friends to relax together.

Today, Sundays are hard to differentiate from the rest of the week – we shop, drive, work almost as much as on any other day. In an age when we are increasingly worried about the climate crisis we seem to keep consuming at our maximum rate and we never take a break from consuming and polluting.

imageSatish Kumar of Resurgence has suggested that perhaps we should declare Sunday as Green Sunday in an attempt to start to break out of this ever spiralling consumerism. Maybe we should make Sundays a fossil-fuel-free day or at least an energy-saving day. Perhaps we could make Sundays a “slow day”, a time for taking things more slowly and taking time to reflect on life. In the Jewish and Christian tradition Sunday was the day that God rested after finishing his creation. Since it feels to me like we spend most of our week contributing to the destruction of the planet, perhaps we could use our Sundays in re-creation by enjoying our family and friends, gardening, writing, painting, walking, reading or contemplating on what beauty is left in the world we co-habit with the rest of nature.

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