A New Moral Compass


The current issue of Resurgence (Jan/Feb 2012) has the theme of “A New Moral Compass”. It includes an article by James Sainsbury, Chair of the Resurgence Trust, which includes the following paragraph:

“What we need from our political culture is a more imaginative conception of our real interests, embedded in moral, ethical and spiritual values and manifested in a true plan for a sustainable economy. Clearly this must be based on renewable energy, on more local networks of consumption and production, and on respect for and true understanding of the intrinsic values of the natural world on which we entirely depend. It should also be based, as in the vision of E.F.Schumacher, on fulfilling and meaningful work and stable communities.”

Having recently re-read Schumacher’s “Small is Beautiful” this copy of Resurgence makes lots of connections for me and I think it is well worth reading.

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