Harvest time

imageMonty Don (Gardeners’ World) suggested that it was time to harvest our pumpkins. They are not huge but should feed us for a few meals (the photo shows just a few of them).

Our journey into “half farmer, half-X” is now a year old – if you measure it from the time of my redundancy and the realisation that there was such a thing – and it has been an exciting and interesting year. The most obvious thing to me is that I have been so much more relaxed. The stresses I had from travelling everyday and having to achieve other peoples targets have gone though I have found other stresses to put myself under. I’m probably fitter than I have been for a few years since I now cycle or walk to all my appointments, and I am working in areas that I have a passion.

There is still the tendency to try and do too much of what I think I need or ought to do, and I still fail to see and take opportunities that arise. But I am having fewer regrets. Over all I think I have made a good decision (did I decide or was I pushed?) but time will tell. We still have so many challenges ahead and with the way the world is changing / not changing there could be many difficulties.

One thing I will try to do is to do a bit more blogging. Not being an extrovert I find it difficult to get into the habit of regularly blogging but I have found it very helpful in reflecting on life. Maybe blogging will prove to be as fruitful, or more fruitful than our garden!

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