Harlow Carr visit

Today we cycled the 32 miles to Harlow Carr and back. 26 Celsius, warmest day so far this year. It was beautiful. Skylarks sang in the sky, curlews and lapwings called, buzzards mewed, red kites scavenged and sparrows …. chirruped.

At Harlow Carr I sat on a bench under an old oak tree (well reasonably old but no yellow ribbons) and looked up at the branches. I can’t describe the sensation I experienced but would recommend that you try it yourself. The sun glowed through the leaves and I could see loads of insects flying and crawling around. Birds flitted around at the top. This old tree is alive. It supports so much life, including me. And what do I do? Will I contribute to our environment as much as this one tree? Or ….?

My legs now feel in need of some tlc and a glass of wine. Tomorrow we plant the four new plants we bought at Harlow Carr and I will make a point of looking closely at our young oak saplings. Do I need to look after them or are they looking after me?

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