Government redefines green as red

Some of you may have read or heard over the last week that the government thinks that laws that protect our environment (so called green laws) are too much red tape – see for the Guardian’s comment. These laws include the Climate Change Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Act – two bits of legislation that give me hope! Members of the RSPB will know how effective the Wildlife and Countryside Act can be when applied properly.

So, another chance for us, the public, the electorate, to make our voice heard. We have already changed out democratically elected government’s mind about the sell-off of Forestry Commission land. Now we can tell them what we think about redefining green as red. If you think the government is wrong there is already one protest site at I’m sure there will be others. If you think they are right …. Ermmm … you might have to start your own campaign as I haven’t found a website for that yet (not that I looked too hard as I am very biased on this issue!)

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