Cheaper, Greener Energy

The Energy Choices website allows you to compare energy prices for different suppliers and find the cheapest supplier. I was pleased to see that I was already with the cheapest supplier for my situation. I found the website whilst searching for Ovo Energy. They claim to be “Cheaper, Greener, Simpler”. They do look to be simpler and their claim to be greener is because their standard tariff uses more than double the amount of renewable electricity than the UK average. They also promote Cool Earth where they protect an acre of rainforest for each and every customer.

This got me hunting. I found the Cool Earth website and found that I can pay them directly to protect an acre or more of rainforest and stay with my current “cheap” energy provider who also claim to be green.

I haven’t worked out for myself about carbon offset or carbon trading yet (if you are not sure what this is then visit Wikipedia) but the efforts of Cool Earth seem to be worth supporting, is supported by lots of big names such as Sir David Attenborough, Ricky Gervais, etc and provides ways in which schools and businesses can participate. At the time of writing 199,273 acres of rainforest are being protected thanks to Cool Earth. That’s not quite a million and there are millions of acres of rainforest under threat – but every little helps and my acre will shortly be added to that total.

Meanwhile I still need to find a way of making my energy provider switch to more “greener” energy sources.

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