Yesterday morning whilst the sun was still shining I stood and watched several bees of at least two different species pollinating the flowers of my pear which is a cordon against a fence in a sun trap.The blossom is fantastic again this year and hopefully is an indicator that we will have a good pear harvest this year.animated_gif_bees_34

This morning over breakfast I read an article about Bee Guardians and the Global Bee Project so I had to go and visit their website to find out more. I was already aware of the huge decline in bee populations – this was all over the news last year – and we have planted a few more bee friendly plants. Now my appetite is whetted and I need to find out more. At this rate I am going to turn into a bee spotter!

We have discussed in the past the possibility of having a bee hive in our garden. One of our friends keeps bees (he apparently has been seen transporting hives around on a trailer behind his bicycle!) and we thought of approaching him to see if he would like to keep one here but….. So, now that I realise that there are so many different types of bee and that they don’t all live in hives I am going to see if I can make some bee homes and plant yet more plants to encourage the success of bees.

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