My daughter came home from University this weekend. She recently discovered knitting and has just about finished an amazing cardigan. It has taken hours of work and loads of wool – if we costed it out it would cost hundreds of pounds – but it is a fantastic piece of work, had crafted by my daughter (I know, I’m very biased!)

I’ve recently been reading an article about working towards sustainability in the clothing industry. I hadn’t realised just how big the carbon footprint of and how unsustainable our clothing is. The article talks about the impact of clothing manufacture in terms of CO2 emissions, soil and water degradation and human rights issues. I had thought about some of the human rights issues because of the work done in flagging it up by organisations like Christian Aid. I suppose I was aware that there are carbon emissions due to transport but the article highlights so many other things.

Perhaps the article struck me because it mentions that there is a local ReMade – “a replicable community initiative that encourages people to cooperate in the creation of new clothes reviving dyeing, mending and sewing skills and upcycling old materials into completely new ones”. Since this is local I must make the effort to see if I can acquire some clothing from there next time I need something.

But the best bit of the article was the reference to the Wind Knitting Factory – a mechanised knitting machine with a micro wind-turbine using UK sourced wool. I wonder if I can afford one for my daughter!

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